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Metallica Guitar Pro Tabs

Metallica tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Creeping Death (6) .gp3 3,248
Creeping Death (CUNNING STUNTS) .gp4 2,575
Creeping Death (solo) .gp3 9,974
Cunning Stunts Bass Guitar Doodle .gp3 2,500
Cure .gp3 2,840
Damage Case .gp3 2,551
Damage Inc. .gp3 11,681
Die, Die My Darling .gp3 7,945
Dirty Window .gp4 2,528
Dirty Window (2) .gp4 1,701
Dirty Window (3) .gp4 1,361
Disposable Heroes .gp3 13,166
Disposable Heros .gp3 2,451
Doodle .gp3 2,508
Dyers Eve .gp3 4,807
Dyers Eve (2) .gp3 15,410
Dyers Eve (3) .gp3 1,907
Ecstacy Of Gold (Symphony Version) .gp3 4,981
Enter Sandman (2) .gp3 35,558
Enter Sandman (3) .gp3 15,049

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