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Metallica Guitar Pro Tabs

Metallica tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
The Wait .gp3 4,513
Thorn Within .gp4 1,801
Through The Never .gp3 4,613
Through The Never (2) .gp3 2,618
To Live Is To Die .gp3 10,484
To Live Is To Die (2) .gp3 2,464
To Live Is To Die (3) .gp3 2,136
To Live Is To Die (4) .gp4 2,311
To Live Is To Die (5) .gp3 2,081
To Live Is To Die (6) .gp4 3,770
Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World .gp4 1,619
Too Late Too Late (2) .gp3 1,361
Trapped Under Ice .gp3 3,739
Trapped Under Ice (2) .gp3 1,510
Trapped Under Ice (3) .gp3 1,357
Trapped Under Ice (4) .gp3 1,431
Turn The Page .gp3 12,435
Turn The Page (2) .gp3 3,923
Unforgiven .gp3 8,433
Until It Sleeps .gp3 8,534

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