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Metallica Guitar Pro Tabs

Metallica tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
(ANESTHESIA) Pulling Teeth .gp3 28,815
... And Justice Medley .gp3 14,550
...And Justice For All .gp4 32,936
...And Justice For All (2) .gp3 9,769
2 X 4 .gp3 12,462
53rd & 3rd .gp3 5,117
53rd And 3rd .gp3 3,722
All Within My Hands .gp4 8,171
Am I Evil .gp3 28,168
Am I Evil .gp3 9,354
Am I Evil (2) .gp4 8,117
Am I Evil (3) .gp3 5,825
And Justice For All .gp3 16,436
Anesthesia Pulling Teeth .gp3 12,195
Anesthesia Pulling Teeth With Wah Sound .gp3 8,897
Apocalypse Dawn .gp4 4,545
Astronomy .gp3 9,061
Astronomy (2) .gp3 2,653
Astronomy (3) .gp3 3,029
Attitude .gp3 3,594

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