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Metallica Guitar Pro Tabs

Metallica tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Phantom Lord .gp3 3,740
Phantom Lord (2) .gp3 1,717
Phantom Lord (3) .gp3 1,475
Poor Twisted Me .gp3 1,746
Prince Charming .gp3 2,225
Prince Charming (2) .gp3 1,523
Prince Charming (3) .gp3 1,298
Purify .gp4 1,755
Ride The Lightning .gp3 11,748
Ride The Lightning (2) .gp3 3,322
Ride The Lightning (3) .gp3 2,296
Ride The Lightning (4) .gp4 3,113
Ride The Lightning (including Solos) .gp3 15,697
Ronnie .gp3 3,209
Sabbra Cadabra .gp3 3,999
Sabbra Cadabra (2) .gp3 2,820
Sabbra Cadadra .gp3 2,675
Sad But True .gp3 21,709
Sad But True (3) .gp3 22,311
Sad But True (Live) .gp3 4,584

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