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Green Day Guitar Pro Tabs

Green Day tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Scumbag (Version 1) .gp3 506
Scumbag (Version 2) .gp4 479
See the Light .gp5 1,234
She .gp4 5,055
She (2) .gp4 1,393
She's a Rebel (Version 1) .gp3 1,569
She's a Rebel (Version 2) .gp4 1,144
Simpsons Theme .gp3 4,250
St. Jimmy .gp4 2,899
Strangeland .gp5 567
Stuart And The Ave (Version 1) .gp4 891
Stuart And The Ave (Version 2) .gp3 557
Stuck With Me .gp3 1,195
Take Back .gp4 590
The Judge's Daughter .gp3 941
The Static Wave .gp5 735
Tight Wad Hill .gp5 500
Time Of Your Life .gp3 16,372
Uptight .gp3 1,061
Viva La Gloria (Version 1) .gp5 3,230

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