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Green Day Guitar Pro Tabs

Green Day tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Viva La Gloria (Version 2) .gp5 2,318
Viva La Gloria (Version 3) .gp5 1,982
Waiting .gp3 3,448
Waiting (2) .gp3 1,322
Wake Me Up When September Ends .gp4 91,844
Walking Alone .gp3 1,395
Walking Contradiction .gp4 1,627
Warning .gp3 3,022
Warning (2) .gp4 1,290
Warning (4) .gp3 951
Welcome to Paradise .gp5 3,877
Whatsername (Version 1) .gp4 3,169
Whatsername (Version 2) .gp3 2,774
When I Come Around .gp3 8,703
When I Come Around (2) .gp3 2,149
When I Come Around (3) .gp3 1,492
When I Come Around (4) .gp4 2,734
When I Come Around (5) .gp3 1,713
Why Do You Want Him .gp3 935
Working Class Hero .gp3 8,523

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