Green Day Guitar Pro Tabs

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Song Version # Downloads
Nice Guys Finish Last (Version 1) .gp3 1,717
Nice Guys Finish Last (Version 2) .gp5 1,091
No Pride .gp3 725
One For The Razorbacks .gp3 1,006
Only of You .gp3 941
Panic Song .gp4 841
Paper Lanterns (Live Version) .gp3 1,169
Platypus (I Hate You) .gp3 1,088
Poprocks & Coke (Version 1) .gp3 1,209
Poprocks & Coke (Version 2) .gp4 1,127
Private Ale .gp3 529
Prosthetic Head .gp3 907
Pulling Teeth .gp4 1,104
Pushing You Aside .gp3 490
Redundant .gp3 1,588
Reject .gp3 626
Restless Heart Syndrome .gp5 1,963
Rotting .gp3 943
Sassafras Roots .gp4 905
Scattered .gp4 1,010


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