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Vai, Steve Guitar Pro Tabs

Vai, Steve tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
12 24 Ballerina .gp3 1,618
All About Eve .gp3 2,219
Angel Food .gp3 1,474
Answer .gp3 1,306
Answers .gp3 1,235
Asian Sky .gp4 1,263
Attitude Song (G3 Live) .gp3 2,245
Babushka .gp3 1,663
Bad Horsie .gp4 3,948
Bangkok .gp4 1,107
Big Trouble .gp3 1,832
Bledsoe Bluvd .gp4 902
Blood And Glory .gp4 2,240
Blowfish .gp3 1,019
Blue Powder .gp3 2,494
Call It Sleep .gp4 1,292
Crossroad .gp3 2,444
Crossroads Suite .gp3 2,116
Die To Live .gp3 2,540
Die To Live (2) .gp3 1,495

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