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Megadeth Guitar Pro Tabs

Megadeth tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Architecture Of Aggression .gp3 1,452
Ashes In Your Mouth .gp3 2,241
Ashes In Your Mouth (2) .gp3 703
Ashes In Your Mouth (3) .gp3 1,498
Ashes In Your Mouth (Rude Awakening) .gp3 745
Black Curtains .gp3 1,190
Black Friday .gp4 1,886
Blood Of Heroes .gp3 2,356
Breadline (1st Part) .gp3 920
Brothers .gp3 834
Burning Bridges .gp3 984
Captive Honour .gp4 1,170
Captive Honour (2) .gp3 749
Captive Honour (2) .gp4 963
Chosen Ones .gp3 1,317
Countdown For Exctinction .gp3 2,929
Countdown To Extinction .gp3 3,751
Countdown To Extinction (2) .gp3 1,723
Countdown To Extintion .gp3 1,009
Dawn Patrol .gp3 1,962

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