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Megadeth Guitar Pro Tabs

Megadeth tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
1000 Times Goodbye .gp3 2,402
1000 Times Goodbye (2) .gp3 1,280
502 .gp3 1,186
99 Ways To Die .gp3 2,922
99 Ways To Die (solo) .gp3 1,499
A Secret Place .gp3 2,883
A Secret Place (2) .gp4 2,254
A Tout Le Monde .gp3 13,445
A Tout Le Monde (2) .gp3 3,881
A Tout Le Monde (3) .gp4 4,025
A Tout Le Monde Solo .gp3 8,243
Addicted To Chaos .gp3 3,177
Addicted To Chaos (2) .gp4 1,618
Almost Honest .gp3 2,745
American Onanist (Rare Version) .gp3 1,467
Anarchy In The U.K. .gp3 3,163
Angry Again .gp3 5,576
Angry Again (2) .gp3 1,721
Angry Again (3) .gp3 1,757
Architecture Of Aggresion .gp3 1,610

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