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Led Zeppelin Guitar Pro Tabs

Led Zeppelin tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Communication Breakdown (3) .gp3 2,375
Communication Breakdown (4) .gp3 2,777
Communication Breakdown (Iron Maiden Version) .gp3 1,930
Comunication Breakdown .gp3 3,112
Custard Pie .gp3 4,070
Dancing Days .gp3 3,893
Dazed & Confused (Bass Completed) .gp3 3,877
Dazed And Confused .gp4 11,856
Dazed And Confused (TSRTS) .gp3 4,928
Down By The Seaside .gp4 3,243
For Your Life .gp3 2,828
Four Sticks .gp3 3,190
Friends .gp3 3,545
Gallows Pole .gp3 5,653
Gallows Pole (2) .gp3 2,405
Going To California .gp3 11,407
Going To California (2) .gp3 5,492
Good Times Bad Times .gp3 10,686
Good Times Bad Times (2) .gp3 3,473
Good Times, Bad Times .gp3 1,992

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