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Led Zeppelin Guitar Pro Tabs

Led Zeppelin tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Absolution Blues (intro) .gp3 10,927
Achilles Last Stand .gp3 10,535
Achilles Last Stand (2) .gp3 3,945
Achilles Last Stand (3) .gp4 5,360
All My Love .gp3 15,889
Black Dog .gp3 54,335
Black Dog (2) .gp3 12,555
Black Mountain Side .gp3 8,549
Black Mountain Side (2) .gp3 4,354
Boogie With Stu .gp3 4,668
Boogie With Stu (2) .gp3 3,238
Braun Yr Aur .gp3 6,551
Bring It On Home .gp3 9,462
Bron Y Aur .gp3 10,230
Bron Y Aur Stomp .gp4 11,847
Bron Yr Aur .gp3 4,531
Candy Store Rock .gp3 2,673
Celebration Day .gp3 4,881
Communication Breakdown .gp3 13,705
Communication Breakdown (2) .gp3 3,232
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