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Deep Purple Guitar Pro Tabs

Deep Purple tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Knocking At Your Back Door .gp3 3,410
Knocking At Your Back Door (2) .gp3 2,419
Lady Double Dealer (solo) .gp3 2,041
Lay Down, Stay Down .gp3 2,432
Lazy .gp3 10,041
Living wreck .gp4 1,160
Love child .gp5 1,304
Love Conquers All .gp3 1,693
Mad dog .gp4 1,366
Maybe I'm a Leo .gp3 3,214
Mistreated .gp3 4,482
Mistreated (2) .gp3 2,501
Never a word .gp3 908
Never before .gp4 2,046
No no no .gp4 1,502
Nobody's home .gp3 1,168
Perfect Strangers .gp3 24,145
Picture Of Home .gp3 2,328
Pictures Of Home .gp3 2,884
Rapture of the deep .gp4 1,721
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