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Song Version # Downloads
Misty Mountain Hop .gp3 4,733
Moby Dick .gp3 9,083
Moby Dick (2) .gp4 3,834
Night Flight (2) .gp3 2,057
No Quarter .gp3 4,729
No Quarter (3) .gp3 11,776
Out On The Tiles .gp3 3,028
Over The Hills And Far Away .gp3 10,215
Over The Hills And Far Away (2) .gp4 7,505
Ozone Baby .gp4 1,990
Ramble On .gp3 11,857
Ramble On (2) .gp3 3,957
Ramble On (3) .gp3 3,731
Rock And Roll .gp3 19,168
Rock And Roll (2) .gp3 9,254
Rock And Roll (3) .gp4 6,412
Royal Orleans .gp3 2,147
Stairway To Heaven .gp3 102,356
Stairway To Heaven .gp3 33,677
Stairway To Heaven (2) .gp3 28,228


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