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White Stripes Guitar Pro Tabs

White Stripes tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Apple Blossom .gp3 1,500
Astro .gp3 993
Black Math .gp3 1,894
Broken Bricks .gp3 859
Cannon .gp3 1,803
Cold, Cold Night .gp3 1,509
Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground .gp4 2,529
Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground .gp3 1,454
Expecting .gp3 797
Fell In Love With A Girl .gp3 3,182
Fell In Love With A Girl (2) .gp3 990
Fell In Love With A Girl (2) .gp3 1,072
Hello Operator .gp3 1,788
Hotel Yorba .gp3 1,636
Hypnotise .gp3 1,430
I Think I Smell A Rat .gp3 1,006
Jimmy The Exploder .gp3 751
Jolene .gp3 3,214
Jumble, Jumble .gp3 639
Now Mary .gp4 701

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