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Lamb Of God Guitar Pro Tabs

Lamb Of God tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
11th hour .gp3 5,048
A warning .gp3 1,297
Again we rise .gp5 3,776
An extra nail for your coffin .gp3 2,137
As the palaces burn .gp3 2,457
Ashes of the wake .gp5 3,640
Beating on death's door .gp3 1,872
Blacken the cursed sun .gp5 7,527
Blood of the scribe .gp4 2,424
Boot scraper .gp3 1,277
Break you .gp3 2,230
Broken hands .gp5 3,486
Choke sermon .gp5 2,672
Condemn the hive .gp5 2,023
Contractor .gp5 2,787
Dead seeds .gp5 3,937
Descending .gp3 3,406
Everything to nothing .gp5 2,344
Faded line .gp3 2,727
Fake messiah .gp5 2,043

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