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Kings Of Leon Guitar Pro Tabs

Kings Of Leon tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Bucket .gp3 1,128
California Waiting .gp4 2,035
Charmer .gp5 1,394
Closer .gp5 3,853
Cold Desert .gp5 3,814
Fans .gp3 1,583
Four Kicks .gp4 1,154
Genius .gp4 866
Holy Roller Novocaine .gp4 1,071
I Want You .gp5 1,285
Joe's Head .gp4 799
King of the Rodeo .gp3 1,021
Knocked Up .gp5 1,669
Manhattan .gp5 1,793
McFearless .gp5 872
Molly's Chambers .gp4 1,672
My Party .gp4 645
Notion .gp5 2,454
On Call .gp5 1,360
Pistol of Fire .gp4 525

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