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Black Sabbath Guitar Pro Tabs

Black Sabbath tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
A Hard Road .gp3 1,785
A National Acrobat .gp3 3,698
After Forever V1 .gp3 2,348
After Forever V2 .gp3 1,112
After Forever V3 .gp3 1,301
Anno Mundi .gp4 3,304
Basically .gp3 1,492
Behind The Wall Of Sleep .gp3 2,565
Black Sabbath .gp3 8,244
Change V1 .gp3 2,159
Change V2 .gp3 1,505
Children Of The Grave Intro .gp3 4,263
Children Of The Grave V1 .gp3 5,718
Children Of The Grave V2 .gp3 2,021
Children Of The Grave V3 .gp4 2,452
Children Of The Grave V4 .gp3 2,969
Children Of The Sea V1 .gp3 2,438
Children Of The Sea V2 .gp3 2,174
Cornucopia .gp3 1,449
Country Girl V1 .gp3 2,023

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