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Song Version # Downloads
Allways Will Be .gp4 2,096
At The End Of The Rainbow .gp3 2,016
Back To Back .gp4 1,591
Crimson Thunder .gp4 2,228
Destined For Glory .gp3 1,295
Dreamland .gp3 1,439
Eternal Dark (Main Riffs) .gp3 1,086
Glory To The Brave .gp3 2,494
HammerFall .gp3 1,618
Hammerfall Heeding The Call .gp3 2,889
Hammerfall Legacy Of Kings .gp3 2,093
Hammerfall Steel Meets Steel .gp3 1,726
Hammerfall Stronger Than All .gp3 2,049
Hammerfall Templars Of Steel .gp3 3,799
Hammerfall Medley .gp4 1,183
Hearts On Fire .gp4 3,538
Heeding The Call (2) .gp3 888
Heeding The Call (3) .gp3 779
Heeding The Call (4) .gp3 700
Heeding The Call (5) .gp3 924


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