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Mezarkabul, Gunduz Gece Guitar Pro Tabs

Mezarkabul, Gunduz Gece tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
1000 In The Eastland .gp3 1,153
Anatolia .gp3 749
Give Me Something To Kill The Pain .gp3 882
Gunduz Gece .gp3 1,345
GunduzGece .gp3 512
In Esir Like An Eagle .gp3 772
Lions In A Cage .gp3 629
Lions In A Cage (2) .gp3 684
Puratu .gp3 549
Puratu Solo To 1000 Eastland (Live) .gp3 456
Puratu Solo To 1000 Eastland (Live) .gp3 544
Stand To Fall .gp3 575
This Too Will Pass .gp3 804
Tigris Ve Bir .gp3 1,391
Trail Blazer .gp3 549
Unspoken .gp3 451

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