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Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Pro Tabs

Lynyrd Skynyrd tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Free Bird .gp3 13,569
Free Bird (2) .gp3 14,367
Free Bird (Acoustic) .gp4 6,845
Freebird .gp3 3,604
Gimme Three Steps .gp3 4,694
I Know A Little .gp3 3,560
Saturday Night Special .gp3 2,506
Simple Man .gp3 7,557
Simple Man (2) .gp3 5,273
Simple Man (3) .gp4 16,776
Sweet Home Alabama .gp3 77,393
Sweet Home Alabama (2) .gp3 13,934
Sweet Home Alabama (Acoustic Version) .gp3 30,842
That Smell .gp3 4,170
The Needle And The Spoon (solo 1) .gp3 2,644
Whats Your Name .gp3 2,421

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