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Gilbert, Paul Guitar Pro Tabs

Gilbert, Paul tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
8 Bar Blues Lick .gp3 8,880
Down To Mexico From IntenseRock2 .gp3 5,051
Ears And Ayyyeeeeees .gp3 1,231
Excersize .gp3 1,791
Gilberto Concerto .gp3 2,184
Guitar Sequences .gp3 1,791
Guitar Solo (Tokyo 99) .gp3 3,518
Lancelot Link .gp3 1,052
Licks From Paul Gilbert .gp4 4,250
Paul Gilbert Lesson .gp3 3,570
Paul Gilbert Lesson .gp3 3,213
Paul Gilbert Lesson 2 .gp3 1,300
Six Billion People .gp3 1,935
The Four Seasons (2) .gp3 1,957
Trans Pseudo Psycho Rhythmic Phenomena .gp3 1,221

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