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Genesis Guitar Pro Tabs

Genesis tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Abacab .gp3 3,005
Afterglow .gp3 1,806
Back In N.Y.C. .gp3 1,986
Blood On The Rooftops .gp3 2,485
Carpet Crawlers .gp4 2,297
Cuckoo Cocoon .gp3 1,487
Dance On A Volcano .gp3 1,839
Entangled .gp4 2,585
Firth Of Fifth .gp3 4,173
Horizons .gp3 4,618
In The Cage .gp3 2,147
Land Of Confusion .gp3 4,058
Mama .gp3 1,909
Mama (2) .gp4 1,336
Musical Box (First Solo) .gp4 2,099
The Cinema Show .gp3 2,564
The Musical Box .gp4 2,863

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