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Song Version # Downloads
Halfway To Heaven .gp3 1,411
On The Loose .gp4 1,058
Open Your Heart .gp3 2,211
Open Your Heart Solo .gp3 6,094
Open Your Heart (2) .gp3 2,561
Prisoners In Paradise .gp3 2,123
Rock The Night .gp3 4,108
Scream Of Anger .gp3 1,780
Scream Of Anger Solo .gp4 1,027
Stormwind .gp4 2,096
Stormwind (2) .gp3 1,346
Superstitius .gp3 2,382
Superstitius Solo Complete .gp3 1,758
The Final Countdown .gp3 23,232
The Final Countdown Studio Solo .gp4 12,703
The Final Countdown (2) .gp3 4,275
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal Remix 1) .gp3 4,149
The Final Countdown (Heavymetal Remix 2) .gp3 1,703
Time Has Come .gp4 1,144

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