Yngwie Malmsteen (the) Guitar Pro Tabs

Yngwie Malmsteen (the) tabs @ 911Tabs

Song Version # Downloads
Art Of Am Egzersizi .gp3 3,906
Art Of Am Triad .gp3 3,941
Art Of Arpeggios From Hell Theme .gp3 6,558
Art Of Arpeggios, Licks And Solos .gp3 6,757
Art Of Echo Technic .gp3 4,938
Art Of Fugue .gp3 5,567
Art Of Killers Lick (Backin Mad) .gp4 3,657
Art Of Opening Solo .gp4 3,772
Art Of Pedal Pointing .gp3 2,257
Art Of Pedal Pointing (2) .gp3 2,746
Art Of Slide Pattern .gp3 3,480
Art Of Speed Solo .gp4 6,246
Art Of Sweep Arpegio .gp3 6,836
Art Of Sweep Scale .gp3 7,217
Art Of G Dim .gp3 2,457


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