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Song Version # Downloads
Balls To The Wall .gp3 7,524
Bound To Fail .gp4 2,273
Fast As A Shark V1 .gp3 3,013
Fast As A Shark V2 .gp3 2,253
Head Over Heels .gp3 2,726
I Dont Wanna Be Like You .gp3 1,900
Im A Rebel .gp3 2,347
Just By My Own .gp3 2,339
Losing More Than You Ever Had .gp3 2,360
Metal Heart .gp3 5,658
Princess Of The Dawn Live .gp3 5,412
Screaming For A Love Bite .gp3 2,212
Shake Your Heads .gp3 1,781
The King .gp3 2,359


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